Xavier Buo
Web Development
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Buo offers his clients a safe, secure, and confidential space to begin healing by understanding present concerns and how they are linked to traumatic events.

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Vishal is a brilliant blend of creative & technical. He took my specific ideas, and helped me create more than a website, he helped me create a brand! I'm extremely thankful for the work he has done for me, and would highly recommend him to anyone.

I am even more impressed by the tools he recommended we use to collaborate, it made the experience easier to work with someone remotely, and it cut down the time I had to take away from running a business.

Vishal's brilliance isn't the only thing that helped win over more work in the future, his patience and gold-standard service is superb. Professional, kind, efficient, and intelligent. That is who Vishal is. Put this man on your team, and thank me later.
Xavier Buo


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